Pretty Earrings for Good Cause

Meet Jaquelyn.

She’s 19 years old and one of the smartest young ladies I’ve ever met. Her mom, Cata, has been working for Purse & Clutch for over 2 years. Jaquelyn is the 3rd oldest of 6 children. About 3 years ago, her father left illegally to go to the States in search of work. Her parents had acquired so much debt that they saw no other way. Since then, her mother has been struggling to provide alone.

Last January, two of her younger siblings started High School. With her older brother finishing mechanical school and the added cost of putting two through high school, Jaquelyn took a sacrifice for her siblings and decided to delay pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer. With her oldest brother graduating in October and her family finally paying off their debt (yay!), Jaquelyn is doing everything she can to save for her education.

In June, Jaquelyn started working part time with us. She gives amazing attention to detail and is great at working with her hands (something she clearly learned from her mother). With each dollar (Quetzal) she earns, Jaquelyn is paying for entrance exams, saving for uniform expenses, and getting closer to starting college in January. She is working hard to accomplish her dreams! (One more thing her mother taught her!)

Together, Jaquelyn and I designed these leather earrings. They are genuine leather, hand-cut, and made with lots of love. We’ll be selling these earrings for a limited time. The proceeds will not only help Jaquelyn earn a little extra cash for school, but also help David and I with some recent unexpected expenses. Each pair costs $20.

If you would like to purchase a pair, there are two ways: – Please include your shipping address as a note.

– Online HERE – Please put “earrings” in the memo line.

Earrings will be shipped at the end of August. Earring Dimensions: 1 ¾ “ (length) x 1 ½ “ (width).

Thank you for your support of us and of Jaquelyn!

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