Can You Help Us?

It was as if her eyes were glued to the floor. She mumbled under her breath and kept her head low. This wasn’t the first time we’d experienced Maria, the mother of one of David’s 6th grade Vencedor Boys, feeling such embarrassment. Maria and her family are very poor. About a year ago, her husband broke his arm and the family went through hard times financially due to his unemployment. They are still fighting to recover.

“We can’t pay our bills. We don’t have any money and they are coming tomorrow to collect. Can you help us?” she whispered.

My heart broke for her. It was obvious she was desperate. Like many families in El Rosario, Maria was fighting to keep her dignity while providing for her family. Weekly, we are faced with the question of “How do we help them without hurting them?”.


“The highest level of charity is when you can help someone get on their own feet, use their own God-given abilities to provide for their family.” – Peter Greer

“We would like to offer you a job for the following week”, David said. As the word “job” registered in her mind, she instantly lifted her head to reveal one of the brightest smiles I have ever seen. In a single word, she heard: Hope. Dignity. Value.

So, this week Maria washed dishes at the Vencedor Boys Academy. She always arrived a little early and stayed until she was sure the job was done, and done well. The thought of a hand out kept Maria’s head down and caused her to feel shame. But, the opportunity to work and provide for her family allowed her to lift her head high. In an instance, she felt both value and ability. Please join us in praying for more job opportunities for women like Maria to be able to provide for their children… not just financially but to also teach them the worth and dignity that is earned while working.

Pray for Maria and her family. Pray for provision, opportunities, and for them to draw closer to God.

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