2016 Trip/Support Update

I want to introduce you to Pastor Carlos and his wife Rosa. Before Carlos went through our training, he was humbly serving in his church. He felt that the Lord had called him to pastor, but he knew that he didn’t have the knowledge and understanding of the Word that he needed to do so. He had no clue where to begin or what to do. So, he continued serving humbly, waiting for the Lord change that.


2 years ago, Carlos began our training program alongside his pastor. At the end of the church planting course, Carlos told us that He was ready to step out in faith and pastor like the Lord had been calling him to do for so many years. And so, in 2015, with just 4 wood posts and 10 galvanized iron sheets…Carlos planted a church.


Carlos and his wife Rosa during our trip to Buena Vista, Jalapa a few weeks ago.


The church has since then grown to 30 believers. Carlos, who is no longer the quiet, unconfident, behind the scenes kind of guy, is traveling throughout his village, as well as the neighboring villages to share the gospel message of Jesus. He is actively caring for his sheep, while at the same time correcting the false doctrines that mock our Lord and His plan for salvation.


He called recently to share that a catholic priest and two nuns had visited him to invite him to their church. By the end of their conversation, all 3 had repented of their belief in salvation by works and received Jesus and His FREE gift of salvation for the very first time.



It’s been such a joy to share all that God is doing during our time here in the States. David was even given the opportunity to preach recently. If you’re interested in checking it out and hearing more stories from Guatemala, you can find the audio HERE.


P.S. Our support raising is going well, but we are still looking for opportunities to share! If you are interested, or you know an individual, small group, or church that might be interested, please let us know or forward this email on!

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